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DOM Graph

Display an SVG tree as a graph

DOM Graph

Load File - SVG Load Progress Bar

LoadFile is an object that allows you to load an SVG document from your server while at the same time showing a progress bar to the end-user.


Node Builder

This is a JavaScript object that I'm using to create various nodes in my dynamic SVG.

Node Builder

Path Parser and Custom Handlers

Path Parser is a SAX-like parser for SVG path element path data. This JavaScript object allows you to associate custom handlers with the path data parser to allow processing of the path data during the parse.

Examples include a simple handler that can be used as a starting point for your own path parser handlers, a handler that decorates a path element showing the path's control points and handles, a handler that converts all path commands to cubic Bézier commands, and conversion of two path elements so you can animate from one to the other.

Path Parser

Path Data Parser and Custom Tags

This is an older path data parser that I wrote to demonstrate the Convert path data into a collection of objects. Manipulate the path data objects and apply these changes to the associated path.

Also, you can use an extended XML tagset to describe path data.

Samples are included showing simple manipulation of the path data through pathData objects.

Path Data