Welcome to KevLinDev!

KevLinDev is a creative outlet for me, Kevin Lindsey. I created this site back in July of 2000 with initial focus on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), a vector markup language being defined by the W3C. Today, KevLinDev is a collection of whatever I happen to be interested in at the time. You will see examples ranging from simple animations to graphics drawing primitives to parsing to object-oriented programming.

SVG will continue to be used extensively throughout the site as it is an excellent graphics medium for interactive display. As a benefit, the site's use of SVG can serve as an educational tool for individuals who wish to see how SVG can be used to solve real world problems.

When I started this site, the only option for viewing SVG files was via Adobe's SVG Viewer. For better or for worse, Adobe has decided to abandon their viewer. But, lucky for us, we have all sorts of options available to us now. Lately, I've been trying to test in the following environments: Opera, Firefox, and Batik. If you think I've missed something, feel free to let me know.

For those of you who are interested in SVG and are eager to see some basic examples, then a good place to start is with KevLinDev's Tutorial section. You will find many minimalistic examples that will get you started creating SVG quickly.

Have a look around. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!