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2D Geometry

SVG and JavaScript are used to find intersections and properties of a selected group of SVG elements. JavaScript objects used in this section are documented in the GUI section of this site.


Projection and Reflection

Three Point Circle

Polygon Information

Inside or Outside Polygon

Stroke Experiments

3D Geometry

Exploration into the feasability of creating 3D shapes using SVG, JavaScript, and Java

These examples were my first attempt to create 3D shapes in SVG. Not surprisingly, I soon realized that JavaScript could not perform the 3D math at the required speed to generate real-time 3D shapes with SVG. These examples are wireframes only.


Not satisfied with the performance of JavaScript, I became curious of the feasability of using Java and SVG to create 3D graphics. In order to get Java and SVG to communicate, I resorted to using JavaScript as an intermediary between the two.

Don't expect to see any real-time 3D SVG games anytime soon, but I think that you will be somewhat pleased with the results.

NOTE: This code is only known to work on Internet Explorer 5.x with Sun's Java Plug-in 1.3.


This page links to two versions of a simple animation using SMIL.