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A very simple SVG-based kaleidoscope


A demonstration showing that raster images can be rotated in SVG. The intial version on the left used JavaScript for the animation. Later, I found I could get much more consistent animation between machines of varying speed using SMIL only as can be seen in the example on the right.


Variations on a theme which uses a filter effect to pixelize an image.

Repel the Mouse

A grid of circles try to move away from the mouse as you mouse over them. This was inspired by an example in "Flash Math Creativity" published by Friends of Ed.

Talking Head

This was a test to synchronization a declared animation with sound (all SMIL).

Once the red circle appears, click it to view (and hear) the animation. Please note that this sample uses the audio extension defined in the Adobe SVG Viewer so sound is only available in that line of viewers.